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CD/DVD Duplication & Replication Order Form
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  1 Define quantity of discs to be produced along with on disc printing (if required)    
  Quantity of CDs or DVDs to be Duplicated 
Note: Quantities 1000 and over will undergo the Replication service 
Discs Printed with Plain Text
Supply us with the text you would like to appear on your disc and preferred text colour
  Discs Printed with Full Colour Graphics & Text 
email us the design or individual graphic components along with any text to be overlaid and we will design it for you
  2 Packaging & Customisation Options    
    Packed in Spindles of 50 £4.00    
    Packed in Clear PVC Wallets £0.30    
    Packed in Clear Jewel Cases £0.40    
    Packed in Jewel Cases with Front & Tray Inserts (£10 Setup + £2.20 per item) £2.20    
    Packed in Full Size DVD Cases (without a cover insert) £1.00    
    Packed in Full size DVD Cases with custom cover (£10 Setup + £1.50 per item) £1.50    
    Packed in Self-Adhesive PVC Wallets   £0.60    
    Packed in Printed Cardboard Wallets (£20 setup + £2.50 per item)- Min 100 £2.50    
  3 Design Services    
    Custom Full Size DVD Case Insert Design £20.00      
    CD Front & Tray Inserts Design £40.00    
    Disc Face Design £15.00    
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